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Hi guys,It’s me again. sorry this has to be in english again as I’m rushing off to perform in an hour’s time. Haven’t really had time to sit down to read everything that you all have written and I do feel bad.. I wish I had more time. But the traveling has been crazy..

Just came back from Beijing last night and had the chance to see a little showcase by 方大同. I do think he’s really someone to look out for in 2008! You guys should check him out too:-)

Oh yes, I wanted to come by to tell you guys too, something’s weird with my myspace. I think some of you tried to request to be added as friends but had some problems.. Thing is, I haven’t gotten any friends request for the last few weeks.. I think it requires CAPTCHA? A password that will be generated by the computer. All you have to do is type in what it generates.. I hope it helps. Otherwise, I really don’t know what’s going on!

Hmm….There seems to be some discussion going on here at the forum… I read a few messages but still can’t figure out what’s going on hahaha. (It takes time for me to read so many chinese words still)… Is someone unhappy about something? Do fill me in…

Alright, gotta run. Sending all of you an early Christmas well wishes and kisses..




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Hey Everyone!So sorry I’ve not been been writing and for having to write this in english :-p (so tiiiiired…..)

It’s been so crazy running around promoting the album and I just came back from another round of promo from China. Just got home and thought I drop by and see how everyone is doing!

China has been wonderful and we’ve been getting very positive reviews from the media and from the fans. Thank you all for coming by to support my events and performance. I really enjoyed myself!
So what’s next…..I guess it’s more work hahaha….Christmas is round the corner and I’ll just be running around to perform wherever and whenever, while many of you will be out drinking and celebrating with friends. Somehow i’m really getting the performance bug. Getting high on stage and watching everyone sing along with me.

We had a series of weird events from the last promo in china… 😦 Firstly ..and sadly…. Martin’s case was damaged by the airline when we flew in to Fuzhou! Honestly, I am still deeply saddned by how my guitar was treated by the airline…. The handle was literally torn off … And my poor colleagues had to carry it in his arms everywhere that we went.

Then came another time where we were rushing to another performance in Tianjin…. We had a minor car accident on the road where we were hit from the back by another car! But …didn’t wanna alarm anyone of you…so….anyway…still in one piece.
Almost missed my flight today back to Taipei as the car that was supposed to take us to the airport was mysteriously cancelled….and we had to take a cab at the last resort … It was almost terrifying as we zoomed hazardously on the highway of Shanghai…

Well…so much for the adventures in my life for now.

I hope you are all well..and i do miss all of you. See you guys soon…somewhere ,somehow.

Take care



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Hey Folks,

Wanna give a quick shout and to see how everyone is doing. Something’s funky with myspace’s blog as my blogs never show up on my profile page.. Hmm…..

We are still on a roll with the new album, Goodbye and Hello. So far so good! I am very very thankful for all the support you guys have given and how the media has responded.

It’s been less crazy over the last week, finally managed to spend some time at home tending to my plants and watch my dvds.. We’re still going around schools in Taiwan… And it’s amazing to see how the students sing along to those songs. Love it when glow in the dark sticks light up and everyone sways to the music… Reminds of that Coca Cola ad loooong time ago…. I’d like to teach the world to sing…. In perfect harmony.. lol

Coming up this week is my second round of promo back in China.. We’re covering 6 cities in 9 days! Namely, Fuzhou, Changsha, Beijing, Tianjin, Taiyuan and Shanghai.

Hope to see some of ya there!
Peace and Light,


PS: I am proud to announce that i’ve finally advanced to the third series in Ashtanga! Woohoo


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Wanna thank Jennifer for the interview. Really had fun despite the bad long distance phone reception lol….

Here’s the link for you guys interested in the interview:



peace, love and light


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Hey folks,

sorry haven’t been writing much these days. just dropping by to say i’m alive and well. the new album is out and what a ride it has been since! thank you sooooo much for all the support and the kind words. you have no idea how much they mean to me.

Traveling has been crazy. from the first base taipei, i’ve moved on to china…yes. the land of the billion and we’ve been from one city to another ..shanghai, chengdu(oh by the way! i finally saw a real panda!!!!!well..a few actually ), beijing(where i currently am writing this blog from…)and we’re off to nanjing tomorrow as our last stop for the first league of promo in china. i must have repeated myself a million times..spoke till my voice turned hoarse, sang my heart out and ate ALOT of chinese food…some with msg and some without. i am very china-fied right now…yet still writing in english as usual lol

All is good. i do whine about why i have to talk and talk all the time, much to the annoyance and lack of empathy from my colleagues..why can’t i just sing and sing to make up for the lack of talking…i guess that’s show biz!

Other than that…nothing else to update cept for my frequent wondering where my next destination of hideaway will be once the promo is over….maybe timbuktu…hmmm

Until next time, peace, love for pandas and milo, and keep spreading the word for goodbye and hello!




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What up guys. The excitement is brewing. We are bursting by the seams to get out there with Goodbye & Hello. Yep it’ll finally be out on 19th Oct!!!!!
Still nursing a damn flu. Longest one ever. Had it since I came back from NY and it’s not going away. It could all be the accumulation of stress and pressure throughout the production. But nothing can rain on my spirits:-) So……let’s start the countdown

你們好嗎?我的新專輯Goodbye & Hello終於要在10/19發行了!





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mastering 終於作完了。有種說不出的感動。我們快要見面了。謝謝你們的支持和等待。我又感冒了:-(但別擔心。我會盡快恢復!



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