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How to Vote For Tanya’s Song on YES 933 FM 

Method #1- I-Weekly (40%): 

Method #2 – SMS (30%):
1) Type following but exclude the double quote “potp933(space)20
2) Send to 72346 (in Singapore – $0.30 each), to 33336 (in Malaysia – about $1 each)
* (space) mean white spaces as in a blank space ”

Method #3 – Phone Call (20%):
*Please check to ensure that the hotline is being updated with latest results before following the instructions from the voice recording.
1) Call hotline 1900-912-0933 ($0.20 each)
2) Enter your contact number and press #
3) Hear and wait for invitation to vote. Press 1, press “20” and #
4) When you heard the recording say you have voted already, only then it will be considered as one valid vote.

Important Note:
1) Voting begins on each Monday and ends at every Wednesday, 11.59pm.
2) Votes will be counted on Friday and the results will be released on Sunday.
3) On Sunday, from 12noon to 2pm, do check the latest updates via radio or download the listening program from YES 933
4) Votes are tabulated on weekly. Previous votes will not be counted.
5) Please use different methods as each method occupies different percentages in total voting results. 
As different methods can use but each method can only be used once per week.


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Vote For Tanya’s New Song on YES 933 Now!!!

Forward this Graphic to all your friends and Start Voting to support Tanya!!

Start voting for the song on Y.E.S 933, so that Tanya will qualify for
Singapore Hit Award 2008!!! 

All Arts by Yamie@TCFC

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Y.E.S93.3 醉心龙虎榜

Dear All,

Tanya’s new song <當你離開的時候> (When You Leave)is now playing in Singapore, so do keep a lookout for it and start voting for the song on Y.E.S 933, so that Tanya will qualify for Singapore Hit Award 2008!!!

To Vote (Latest by Every Thurday, 12pm):

 Cut 93.3 coupon from I Weekly and send it to given address.  
1 vote per coupon.

All repeated coupons will be ignored.
line break
We’ll also be monitoring the result to keep you guys update~ So lets spread Tanya’s Music now!


Tanya Chua Fan Club

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